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Rid Earth of Wildlife Trade

Protect animals and people by banning the source of COVID-19 and extinction: the wildlife trade. Watch our video to ...

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A beneficial initiative of Halton UK's charitable projects to support aspiring, yet vulnerable, professional tennis p...

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Everyball Enabled

Driving disability tennis programmes for children and adults alike, with over 10 years experience. Our aim is to moti...

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Freeland Trafficking Patrols

Help us combat trafficking through tips and training. We gather information on trafficking and transfer our insights ...

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Medical outreach, clinics &amp...

Support our mission to get essential medical supplies and treatment, along with supportive health education to the vi...

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Creating positive change through hands-on education and community support. Join us on our journey to help rural, impo...

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Covid Community Support

Stuck at home feeling useless while the healthcare systems cannot cope? Looking for ways to make a difference with th...

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Are you a blockchain advocate aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Would you like to contribute to crea...

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170 aligned UN SDG actions

If you care about the future, be the change. 170 actions that support the UN SDGs with the potential to transform our...

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Life is healthy food

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” The Task Tribe "Life is healthy food" project tracks our pr...

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Discover Project Rangeet

Project Rangeet is a mobile app delivered curriculum, aligned around the UN SDGs, that uses music, art and storytelli...

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Plastic-Free Pai

A place for community activities that help to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic items.

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