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Helping you create and measure impact

Task shines a light on brand and individual achievement, promotes social funding and provides transparent insight into how impact is created.


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Business models are evolving

Forward thinking leaders align profit with people and planet. Now it's easy to combine your desire for social and environmental impact with improved business performance.

Better teams

Increased performance by focussing on common goals

Better talent

Improved brand reputation attracts the best talent

Genuine impact

Measured social goals that support your financial success

Improved relationships

Develop a brand that your customers want to be a part of

How it works

Fast, scalable and mobile focussed.

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Team engagement

Build a Team engagement programme that connects with your employees and makes them a part of your social and sustainability mission.

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Corporate giving

Tracking for nonprofit supporters to channel funds towards high performance charities creating measured change.

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Education at scale

Scale your initiatives to improve people and planet by providing access to education plans in which the outcome can always be measured.

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  • Mike
    “Task has been instrumental in helping us engage with young players on our PROv3 program. Members are able to see, in real time, what activities the players are involved in, where they are training and how they are performing.”
    Mike James
    Director, EveryBall UK

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  • Reward schemes

    Rewards help you push forward more effectively by encouraging groups of people to join and stay fully engaged with your mission.
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  • Remote data collection

    Develop a deeper understanding about what is really going on by gathering and verifying remote data.
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  • Proof of work

    Combine blockchain powered audit trails with mobile tracking technology to help demonstrate genuine impact.
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  • Community & content

    Ensure high impact results by letting more people contribute, providing meaning and buy-in with network effects.
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  • Insights & analytics

    Real-time business intelligence that improves your decision making. Insights and reports you can share publicly and privately with ease.
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