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We help you deliver, measure and report on your education initiatives

Improve people and planet by providing access to training and education plans in which the effectiveness can always be understood.


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The fastest way we can reverse negative trends and drive improved behaviour is by delivering relevant content far and wide.

Major impact

Your knowledge and insights create large scale change.

Staff competency

Completion of regularity learning and development including SDGs.

Increased scale

Allow people to self-improve who can in turn teach others.

Like you, we're frustrated with deficiencies in education where knowledge would fix problems. And we want to be sure that when the effort is made the programmes are effective.

Use the Task mobile app to deliver educational content to extended groups and teams, and track the activity and outcome.

Combined with our reward system and Insight analytics, you can deliver at scale to make a world of difference.


Mobile learning will be a $70 billion market by 2020.

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    “Finding a platform capable of scaling out across 60k+ schools and multiple countries was major challenge for Rangeet - which Task addressed beautifully.”
    Simran Mulchandani
    Founder, Project Rangeet

3 steps to mobile learning at scale

Talk with Task to understand how to deliver your training and education programmes.

  1. 1

    Arrange a free consultation

    We'll help you plan the education programme including rewards, reporting and marketing.

  2. 2

    Content delivery

    Deliver your content via the Task mobile app putting your knowledge into the pockets of your team.

  3. 3

    Press go!

    Your course is released and with it your ability to create the maximum positive change on the world.

How we help

We're with you every step of the way to accelerate your learning programmes.

Real-time insight into education effectiveness and uptake

Complete workforce training whilst minimising employee downtime

Pre and post course assessment forms and analysis delivered via Task

Automate marketing by using custom rewards to drive network affects

Don't let lack of knowledge lead to negative outcomes

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  • Reward schemes

    Rewards help you push forward more effectively by encouraging groups of people to join and stay fully engaged with your mission.
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  • Remote data collection

    Develop a deeper understanding about what is really going on by gathering and verifying remote data.
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  • Proof of work

    Combine blockchain powered audit trails with mobile tracking technology to help demonstrate genuine impact.
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  • Community & content

    Ensure high impact results by letting more people contribute, providing meaning and buy-in with network effects.
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  • Insights & analytics

    Real-time business intelligence that improves your decision making. Insights and reports you can share publicly and privately with ease.
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